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Stamp: Gays aren't ruining your life by Riza-Izumi Stamp: Gays aren't ruining your life by Riza-Izumi
Seriously people, homosexuality isn't going to ruin your life :|

Homosexuals deserve every right heterosexuals have and deserve, if homosexuals shouldn't be allowed to marry than nether should heterosexuals. What if straight marriage was being voted on, because of someone's religion? How would you assholes feel? Sure sucks when it's YOU doesn't it!

The fact, you can't sell your daughter for three goats and a cow is proof that we've already redefined religious marriage. And yes, homosexuality SHOULD be taught in schools, it doesn't matter if it goes against anyone's religion, kids need to be educated about this, in case they are homosexual themselves, or at least so they aren't little pricks toward gays. If schools shouldn't teach about homosexuals and homosexuality because of a butthurt kid's / parent's religion, than schools shouldn't teach about how blacks were treated and their rights, because butthurt kid's / parents are KKK supporters. And don't give me the whole "ANUL SMEX IZ BAAAD!1!1!1!" because homosexual =/= anal sex. Teaching about homosexuality simply teaches about two people of the same gender that love each other, how they were oppressed and how they gained their rights, not how they have sex. You people sure do preach about how gays are perverted, yet YOU'RE the one spending time worrying about how they have sex.

Homosexuality hurts no one, homophobia hurts everyone. We aren't in a 1700's anymore, and homophobe's / hetero-sexists need to grow up, or go live in the Islamic countries.

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December 2, 2012
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