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Stamp: Anti FNF by Riza-Izumi Stamp: Anti FNF by Riza-Izumi

Stamp: Anti FNF by Riza-Izumi

/ ©2013-2016 Riza-Izumi
I am against the group Facts-Not-Feminism for many reasons.

One, they are increadably dramatic, Their tag-line used to be, "Men are the new Jews" :facepalm: Yes, because men not getting there way 24 / 7 is so horrible :roll: Sorry, but men are far from being the new Jews.  A women being gay, single, or not interested in a relationship isn't like being burned or gassed to death. A man having to take responsibility for his own actions, being told no isn't like being burned or gassed to death.

Don't get me wrong, I support men's rights and everything, but not everything is a form of man hate or male oppression. If you want to fight TRUE and REAL man hate / anti man shit, than fight against people who think that 'real' men exist (i.e. if you aren't how I say you are, you're not a real man), fight against the term meterosexual, a term that says straight men can't like clothes shopping / interested in clothes, keep himself clean ect, fight against the anti-feminist men, the men that do nothing but whine about how everything is man-hate, and give men a bad name, and many other things. There is man-hate out there, but feminism, is not one of them.

And as for the icon of a man bowing down to a woman giving her his debit card, you know men do the exact same thing to women. People bitch about women and them spending money, but men do the same fucking thing! I know a guy that only dated this one girl, just because she had access to money and other things, and when people told her how he was talking about her behind her back, she dumped his ass, and you want to know what he said? "Girls are such bitches." Baww me a river.

I support men's rights and everything, and I will join groups for and about men's rights, but if they are anti-feminism, than I want nothing to do with them. Lets support men's rights without being anti women or without acting like three year olds.

Stamp Anti MHR by Riza-Izumi
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January 31, 2013
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